John Huntley and Kelly Cronin obtained an appellate victory for two of their clients, a landowner and a management company, whose hotel was the subject of a slip-and-fall lawsuit filed in Cook County, Illinois. The Cook County trial court granted our clients’ Motion for Summary Judgment and dismissed the case in its entirety. Plaintiff subsequently appealed to the Illinois Appellate Court, arguing that the dismissal should be reversed.

Mr. Huntley and Ms. Cronin successfully briefed and argued to the Illinois Appellate Court that the Plaintiff did not sufficiently demonstrate the element of proximate cause with respect to her negligence cause of action. Plaintiff argued that her description of the condition which she alleged caused her fall, was sufficient to establish proximate causation. However, the Appellate Court agreed with Mr. Huntley and Ms. Cronin, that Plaintiff failed to identify any condition, let alone a defective condition, that caused her fall. Subsequently, the Appellate Court upheld the dismissal of the case, sustaining a victory for the clients of Mr. Huntley and Ms. Cronin.

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