Our firm has a long history in representing defendants in product liability lawsuits pending in Chicago and across the Midwest. While we have tried many product liability cases, perhaps the singular achievement in this area of practice was our representation of a major automobile manufacturer in a personal injury and wrongful death case wherein a group of defendants settled with the plaintiffs for $100 Million but one defendant refused to participate in the settlement. The firm pursued this recalcitrant defendant in a contribution action and recovered 100% of the money paid by our client in settlement.

An Experienced Product Liability Firm

Our work for clients in product liability matters encompasses the defense of some of the largest multi-national corporations in the world but also medium and smaller sized corporations as well as family businesses. Our product liability cases are varied and include personal injury, property damage, fires, explosions, catastrophic claims and other matters. We represent manufacturers of consumer and industrial products, component manufacturers, parts manufacturers, distributors and sellers.

We have acted as National and Coordinating Counsel as well as Local Counsel where needed in our area. We have been Regional Tier One counsel for a major American automobile manufacturer for nearly two decades, handling the investigation and defense of auto products claims and lawsuits in Illinois, Indiana and Missouri. We have represented all of the domestic Big Three auto manufacturers and many of the foreign manufacturers in product related claims.

Our experience in products cases extends well beyond automobiles and trucks and their components. We have defended almost every type of product available including but not limited to:

  • Industrial machines including overhead cranes, forklifts, drill presses, punch presses, trash compactors, injection molding equipment and mixers
  • Electrical equipment and components
  • Tires
  • Industrial boilers, furnaces, rigging, scaffolding and cranes
  • Consumer products including ladders, window blinds, furniture, child safety seats, furniture, windows, doors, playpens, small appliances, water heaters, water softeners, furnaces and dishwashers
  • Recreational equipment including boats, trailers, and sporting equipment
  • Retail premises doors, shopping carts, fixtures and equipment
  • Building materials and asbestos containing products
  • Elevators
  • Chemical products
  • Consumer food products and food additives
  • Computers, processors and industrial process control systems

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