Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman is a leader in aggressive representation of companies facing lawsuits alleging asbestos exposure throughout Illinois. The firm currently represents 4 Fortune 500 companies in asbestos related litigation filed primarily in Cook, McLean and Madison counties. Our clients include major manufacturers in the automobile and trucking industries, power plants, general contractors and subcontractors in construction, and trucking companies.

The firm strives to provide cost efficient and effective representation in all matters. We pursue initial motions to dismiss based on inadequate pleadings, personal jurisdiction, forum non convenience and the statute of limitations. We seek to limit claimed exposure to our clients’ products and premises while developing alternative causes to explain the origin of the plaintiff’s disease. We have worked with the foremost experts around the country in the areas of cancer diagnosis, pathology, industrial hygiene, epidemiology, genetics and state of the art.

It is our goal to dismiss your company from an asbestos related lawsuit at the earliest possible moment. When the plaintiff cannot identify a product or premises, we move to dismiss immediately. There is no reason to wait for a trial date before obtaining dismissals. Further, for those cases that can and should settle, we encourage speedy resolution at a reasonable amount. We will not bill you for a string of minor correspondence from the hundreds of parties in a case. All of our actions are directed toward quick resolution of a case focused on what is important to move a case forward.

Representative Clients:

Ford Motor Company
Volvo North America
Mack Trucks
Borg Warner