At Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman we evaluate the gravity of an accident, counsel and protect the company and its employees, preserve evidence, identify and interview witnesses, arrange for re-constructionists and other experts as needed, and use our experience to anticipate and avoid issues detrimental to your company.

The Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman Difference

No matter the type of transportation litigation you have, Rail, Truck or Auto, our willingness to take difficult cases to trial, and our reputation for winning them, places our clients in the best possible position with opposing parties in settlement negotiations or trial. We will handle your Cargo and Freight claims, Property Damage and Bailment issues and Product Liability cases. Our Transportation Practice Group attorneys are seasoned litigators and will vigorously defend you and your company.

At Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman, we proudly offer expert counsel and defense of our clients for:

  • Interstate and Intrastate Carriers
  • Haulers
  • Freight Handlers
  • Transportation and Trucking Service Providers
  • Releases of Hazardous Materials

Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman is also The Harmonie Group’s Illinois member, and an active participant in The Harmonie Group’s 24/7 Emergency/Accident Response Network.

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