The Premises Liability Litigation Practice at Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman encompasses representation of owners and managers of property who are legally responsible for the safety of the people who visit, live or work on those premises. Premises liability (commonly referred to as “slip and fall”) cases arise from the liability that a landowner has for certain torts that occur on that property. These actions range from injuries caused by a variety of hazardous conditions; including open excavations on any pavements, standing water, wet floors, un-cleared snow, icy sidewalks, falling objects, claims of inadequate security, insufficient lighting and defects in furniture or other objects on the property.

An Experienced Premises Liability Lawyer

At Sanchez Daniels & Hoffman we help our clients navigate and deal with all types and varieties of premises liability. We are always mindful of our client’s strategic objectives and budgetary constraints and we strive to defend all claims in a practicable manner. Our experience includes litigation in federal and state courts and successful resolution of difficult and sensitive claims as they relate to real property/premises.

Notable Experience

  • Representing property owners in actions related to natural and unnatural accumulations of ice and snow at the premises.
  • Representing landowners in all aspects of the slip and fall/trip and fall claims caused by any variety of issues including; but not limited to staircases, wet floors, weather mats, loose tiles, construction areas, collisions with glass doors or door frames at entrances and exits of stores and/or restaurants, and any imaginable type of incident.
  • Representing clients in “third party premises liability” cases in which a person may be injured on the premises of another by the wrongful act of a third party. These issues pose especially complex legal issues of duty and causation because the injured party is seeking to hold the possessor or owner of property directly or vicariously liable when the immediate injury was caused by the action of the third party.
  • Representing clients who have claims that involve violence on the premises/parking areas and allegations of sexual assault that occurred on the property.

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