Attorneys Heather D. Erickson and Sean Walter Teach Lessons in the Law at LEARN Charter School

Attorneys Heather D. Erickson, Partner, and Sean Walter, Associate, taught several lessons to a class of 6th grade students at the LEARN Charter School in the South Chicago neighborhood through the Lawyers In the Classroom Program sponsored by the Constitutional Rights Foundation Chicago (CRFC). Heather and Sean involved all of the students in an engaging discussion on the difference between the letter of the law and the spirit of the law, controversies surrounding the limits of rights in the Bill of Rights, mediating a conflict between two “goods” – right to practice your religion in wearing a knife-looking religious object at school and the right to be safe in school, and the challenges of being a good witness and the implications of unreliable eyewitness accounts in a decision to pursue criminal charges. The students eagerly expressed their opinions on each subject, and it was a very rewarding program. Heather and Sean look forward to participating in the program again!

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