Manny Sanchez Featured as an Exceptional Chicagoan

Partner Manny Sanchez has been featured as an Exceptional Chicagoan by The Executives’ Club of Chicago. The interview can be read at

In a city that serves as home to more than 2.7 million people, standing out in Chicago is no small accomplishment. But, with determination, drive and talent – some create waves larger than Lake Michigan’s.

We’ve scouted the city and identified a group of committed, connected and influential thinkers and doers – unique individuals who are considered truly exceptional. They embody characteristics that make them stand out from the crowd – like passion, intelligence, poise and fearlessness, and are all accomplished, but best known not just for what they do and know, but mostly by who they are as leaders, citizens and mentors. Each of these EXCEPTIONAL CHICAGOANS has made a significant impact on others, their organizations, the greater Chicago business community and the city of Chicago.

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