Partner Gerald Dombrowski Obtains Impressive Results on Last Four Trial Verdicts

Sadkowski, Lamasz v. Aburto: Not Guilty verdict before Judge Cheryl Starks on February 11, 2010. T-bone auto accident in Hanover Park, IL wherein mother and daughter claimed neck and shoulder injuries and a total of $39,000 in medical specials. Asked of the jury: $103,000.

O’Connor v. Eneogwe: Not Guilty verdict before Judge Thomas Flanagan on June 24, 2009. Plaintiff sued next door neighbor in Oak Park for tripping over downspout extension left on plaintiff’s walkway. Plaintiff suffered significant injuries to her arm that required surgery. Asked of jury: $151,000.

Faltin v. Groth: Judge James McCarthy presided over the April 23, 2008 trial wherein Plaintiff sued defendant for auto accident in River North area of Chicago. Plaintiff claimed neck and back injuries. The offer prior to trial was $25,000. After asking the Jury for $125,000, a verdict of $6,900 was rendered.

Pena v. Caban: Judge Sharon Johnson Coleman presided over the October 11, 2007 trial wherein a Directed Not Guilty Verdict was rendered. Plaintiff had sued owner of Allstate agency for falling off ladder at agency, thereby causing severe leg injuries and incurring medical specials exceeding $100,000. Plaintiff’s demand prior to trial was $150,000.

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